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Quick links. Rommel's Daughter - Tale of a Secret Affair Discussions on the personalities of the Wehrmacht and of the organizations not covered in the other sections. Hosted by Dieter Zinke, askropp and Frech. According to the article below, Erwin Rommel allegedly had an affair in his youth and fathered a daughter, Gertrud.

He appears to have been the archetypal 'good German', an apolitical soldier and cunning military genius. But, as Channel 4 shows for the first time in The Real Rommel, he had a secret love affair that almost ruined his career — and he was more political than his fans would like to believe. Secret affair Erwin Rommel was born in and, as a young man, had a gift for practical things — at one point, he and his friends built a glider.

His father was an authoritarian schoolmaster who offered him a choice of careers: schoolteacher or soldier. Young Rommel chose the army. Inhe joined Infantry Regiment But Rommel also had other things on his mind. In Danzig, he fell in love with Lucie Mollin, who came from a middle class family with Polish ancestry. At the same time, Rommel started an affair with a teenager, Walburga Stemmer, a fruit-seller living in Weingarten, his garrison town.

Intheir daughter Gertrud was born. But although Lieutenant Rommel was delighted, and wanted to quit the army to marry Walburga, his strict family persuaded him to abandon her and wed Lucie. After all, it wasand quitting the army when war was looming would have been dishonourable. Even so, Walburga remained faithful to Rommel, and committed suicide when his and Lucie's child, Manfred, was born in Gertrud, however, kept in touch with her father.Manfred was just 15 when, in Julyweeks after D-Day, his father was severely injured after his staff car was strafed by an Allied fighter.

Thrown from the vehicle, Erwin Rommel was badly cut and his skull was fractured in three places.

Manfred Rommel, Son of German Field Marshal, Dies at 84

Evacuated from the Normandy front, the German Field Marshal was treated in Paris and, once out of danger, taken to his residence at Herrlingen, in southern Germany. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel pictured with members of his family including his wife Lucie and only son Manfred far left. There, over the next few months, he and his teenaged son had an opportunity to discuss the war before, on October 7, Manfred, still three months shy of his 16th birthday, was required to report to an anti-aircraft battery.

A week later he was given leave and, on the morning of October 14, had breakfast with his father. The pair then took a walk together, during which Rommel told his son that two generals would be waiting for them on their return to the house. Dying wishes sometimes take on a life of their own. Derek Knee. Maurice Tiefenbrunner. Count Gottfried von Bismarck. Count Otto Lambsdorff.

According to an Allied debriefing of Manfred on April 27Rommel was suspicious about the visit. After a minute meeting with the two generals, from which Manfred was barred, Rommel emerged and said farewell to his wife and son. Conspirators in the July 20 plot to assassinate Hitler had implicated him. In the back seat of the car in which he was driven away that day, and flanked by SS officers, Rommel cracked a cyanide pill between his teeth.

Not more than 15 minutes later the local hospital called to say that Rommel had suffered a stroke and died.

Manfred Rommel Interview 1994 (50 Jahre D-Day)

The Allied debriefing of Manfred Rommel inin which he describes his father's last moments. Decades later, inManfred Rommel was introduced to the 2nd Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, son of the commander of the Eighth Army who had died three years previously. The pair found that they had much in common.

Not only were they both only children of celebrated military leaders, but they were also almost exact contemporaries. By then Manfred Rommel was four years into a year term as a highly respected mayor of Stuttgart.

The two men struck up an immediate friendship and over the course of the next 30 years maintained a correspondence. Manfred must have known what was going to happen. A horrible experience. He was conscripted into the Luftwaffe aged 14 his father having warned him off volunteering for the Waffen SS and at the end of the war surrendered to French forces.

He was private secretary to Hans Filbinger, later minister of the interior, and in the early s joined the ministry of finance.His deep understanding of his men, his unusual courage, and his natural gift of leadership quite early showed promise of a great career.

catherine rommel son

In the Prussian-German army, a career on the general staff was the normal avenue for advancement, yet Rommel declined to take that road. Like many great generals, he possessed a pronounced talent for teaching and was accordingly appointed to posts at various military academies.

He had never commanded armoured units before, yet he quickly grasped the tremendous possibilities of mechanized and armoured troops in an offensive role.

catherine rommel son

Less than a year later, in FebruaryRommel was appointed commander of the German troops dispatched to aid the all-but-defeated Italian army in Libya. The deserts of North Africa became the scene of his greatest successes—and of his defeat at the hands of a vastly superior enemy. Rommel had difficulty following up these successes, however. But the offensive against Egypt had overtaxed his resources.

In March Hitler ordered him home. Erwin Rommel. Article Media. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback.

Thank you for your feedback. Erwin Rommel German field marshal. See Article History. Get exclusive access to content from our First Edition with your subscription. Subscribe today. Load Next Page. More About. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students.Or was he a deeply convinced Nazi and anti-Semite driven by an egotistical desire for fame? German viewers will get an opportunity to make up their own minds on Thursday evening when Rommel, a controversial television drama about the celebrated wartime general, will be broadcast.

The production has infuriated the surviving relatives of the general who committed suicide in Its authors stand accused of relying on the works of the discredited Holocaust-denying British historian David Irving. A German historian involved walked out in disgust. Manfred Rommel, the late general and subsequent field marshal's year-old son has protested that the film's portrayal of his father as a favourite of Hitler and a war criminal is untrue.

Churchill once described Rommel as a "great general" and in reunified post-war Germany, the field marshal is still largely remembered as one of the few "decent" military commanders to have served the Nazi regime. Because of his initial spectacular successes in the desert campaign against the British, Rommel became a favourite of Hitler. Nico Hofmann, the film's producer, told Der Spiegel magazine: "We have carried out the demystification of Rommel In our film he is not the victorious and noble 'Desert Fox' who was even respected by the British.

His film concentrates on the last seven months of Rommel's life in when he was the commanding field marshal on the German western front and faced the task of reinforcing Hitler's "Atlantic wall" defences before the Allied D-Day landings. The producers shot key sequences of the film in the chateau in La Roche-Guyon north-west of Paris that was used by Rommel as his headquarters at the time.

The film portrays Rommel as a Hamlet-like figure who is conscious of the prospect of Germany's imminent defeat, but too vacillating and weak to throw his weight behind the plot to assassinate Hitler. Instead, he bases his hopes on the Germans surrendering to the Allies. His predicament is captured over dinner when Rommel tells his fellow commanders that the Allies will break through the Western Front within three weeks and head straight for Germany.

Two of Rommel's officers who are already committed to overthrowing Hitler tell him that he is the man to end the war. Hans Speidel, his chief of staff, adds that if there is no other solution, Hitler will have to be shot. Rommel swallows hard and then exclaims: "Speidel you are a tough warrior!

Hofmann describes Rommel as an ambivalent figure who ends his life as a "broken hero". The film also implies that he was fully aware of the Nazi Holocaust and that he may himself have been anti-Semitic.

Ulrich Tukur, the celebrated German actor who plays Rommel, said he spent months researching his character: "Rommel was deeply insecure. He was a tragic figure who was defeated by history," he insisted. However, Rommel's grand-daughter, Catherine, maintains the film is unfair. We simply have the impression that this portrayal does not do justice to Erwin Rommel," she said. Her views have been echoed by the Stuttgart historian Cornelia Hecht who was employed as an adviser to the production team until she walked out last year.

She said the film had "left out" several important details about Rommel's involvement in German resistance against Hitler and claimed dialogue in the film had been lifted from an biography of Rommel by the "revisionist" historian David Irving.By Matthew Day. In a letter to the producers written on behalf of Manfred, Rommel's year-old son who suffers from Parkinson's disease, the family attacked the forthcoming production saying it distorts the truth about the general.

This is simply not true. They are lies," claimed the letter. Rommel became one of Hitler's favoured generals owing to his exploits as commander of the Africa Corps in its struggle with the British 8th Army in the north African campaign. But despite being lauded as a military genius in the Nazi press the "Desert Fox" as he had become known had already become disenchanted with the Fuehrer after being given a suicidal order for his army to stand and fight despite facing overwhelming odds.

Erwin Rommel film: depictions of Nazis in film. Myth of 'humane' Nazi Erwin Rommel debunked. Rommel's sunken gold 'found' by British expert. Becoming more critical of Hitler as the war progressed, Rommel was later implicated in the July assassination attempt on the Nazi leader.

Worried the execution of the illustrious commander would damage army morale Hitler gave Rommel the choice of a show trial and persecution of his family or suicide. The general took the latter option, killing himself in October The film's producers defended their production saying Rommel had an ambiguous relationship with Nazis, and the production would make this clear.

We have gathered all the recent significant research findings on Rommel. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Thursday 02 April Erwin Rommel's family brands forthcoming film as 'lies' The family of Erwin Rommel the German wartime general has branded an forthcoming film about the famed soldier as "lies", claiming it portrays him as Nazi criminal. Related Articles. World War Two.

In World War Two. Top news galleries. History Expat. Crossword Blogs Dating.By Janine Yaqoob. A poignant account of the German general Erwin Rommel being led away to his death told by his teenage son has been discovered. In a revealing letter written by Manfred Rommel, he tells of his father's last moments after he was ordered to commit suicide by Adolf Hitler. His father explained to him he had to poison himself after being implicated in a plot to assassinate the Nazi dictator.

Manfred Rommel, Son of German Field Marshal, Dies at 84

Desert Fox: German general Erwin Rommel agreed to commit suicide in return for assurances his family would be spared. The year-old described watching Rommel, known as the 'Desert Fox', being led into a staff car by two German generals minutes later. Manfred's account then details how his mother took a phone call from a local hospital just 15 minutes later to inform her her husband had died.

Field marshal Rommel died within five seconds of biting on a cyanide capsule while sat in the back of the car as it drove away from his home to the hospital. Manfred's typed-written account was made on April 27,when the Allies had all but won the war in Europe, and is believed to have been dictated by him as it is in English. A poignant account describing the moment Erwin Rommel was led away to his death, written by his teenage son Manfred, has been found. Erwin Rommel, also known as Desert Fox, was regarded as one of the most skilled commanders of desert warfare in World War Two.

The two-page document has come to light after it sold at auction as part of an archive of other wartime mementoes. Poignant testimony: Manfred Rommel pictured went on to become a lawyer, politician and mayor of Stuttgart where he lives today. It is believed Montgomery had requested a copy of the account as, despite being enemies, he and Rommel had a great respect for one another. Mr Chavasse's daughter has sold her father's archive of documents and photographs for 10, pounds.

Rommel was forced into the 'honourable' suicide in October to spare his family suffering. He was accused of plotting against Hitler and given the choice of suicide or a court trial which would have led to his conviction and execution and pain for his family.

He said: 'At 12 o'clock my father received the two generals. About three quarters of an hour after that I met my father just coming out of my mother's room. General Rommel: Erwin Rommel pictured seated atop a reconnaissance car chatting with some of his officers in the German North Africa Corps. In the event of his refusing, he was to be arrested immediately. Manfred Rommel had planned on joining Hitler's notorious Waffen SS but his father was against it and so joined the Luftwaffe.

He went on to become a lawyer, politician and mayor of Stuttgart, where he lives today. Word of a son: Manfred Rommel gave the account of his father's death in his teens. In his words: The testimony is believed to have been dictated by Manfred in English as it is written down. Bernard Pass, of Bosley's auctioneers of Marlow, Bucks, which sold the account, said: 'Rommel's son must have gone to the Allies and given this true account of what happened to his father rather than the one that had been issued by the Nazi propaganda machine.

catherine rommel son

It was his leadership of German and Italian forces in the North African campaign that established the legend of the Desert Fox, a name given to him by the British.

Rommel is regarded as having been a humane and professional officer. His Afrikakorps was never accused of war crimes.

He also ignored orders to kill captured commandos, Jewish soldiers and civilians in all theaters of his command, according to reports.

He was given a state funeral. But it was later revealed he committed suicide. He agreed to kill himself by taking a cyanide pill, in return for assurances his family would not be punished.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Argos AO. Death of the Desert Fox: Rommel's son's account of his father's last moments after Hitler ordered him to take a cyanide pill or be arrested German general Erwin Rommel told his teenage son he had been ordered to kill himself by Adolf Hitler In a newly discovered letter, Manfred Rommel describes watching his father being led into a car moments later Rommel, known as Desert Fox, was accused of plotting to kill Hitler By Janine Yaqoob Published: BST, 30 December Updated: BST, 30 December e-mail View comments.

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Share or comment on this article: Letter reveals Rommel's son account of his general father's last moments after being ordered to commit suicide by Hitler e-mail. Most watched News videos Cops release CCTV of man after he allegedly beat up a stranger Woman gets violently punched and arrested by NYPD police officer Japanese megaship slams into crane at port of Busan, South Korea French authorities tighten lockdown measures by banning sports Drive-through coronavirus testing centre opens at Gatwick Duke and Duchess of Cambridge virtually visit schools Footage shows underground train packed with masked commuters Shocking moment man sucker punches a cop during robbery arrest Easy tips to stop the spread of coronavirus inside the home Expert reveals how to stop groceries from bringing in Covid Briton living in Wuhan relieved to have opted against returning to UK Nigel Farage gets very comfortable in cosy shorts during lockdown.

Comments Share what you think.Manfred Rommel 24 December — 7 November was a German politician belonging to the Christian Democratic Unionwho served as Mayor of Stuttgart from until Rommel's policies were described as tolerant and liberal, and he was one of the most popular municipal politicians in Germany.

He was the recipient of numerous foreign honours. He was the only son of Wehrmacht field marshal Erwin Rommel and his wife Lucia Maria Mollin —and contributed to the establishment of museums in his father's honour. He was also known for his friendship with George Patton IV and David Montgomerythe sons of his father's two principal military adversaries. Rommel was born in Stuttgart and entered service as a Luftwaffenhelfer air force assistant in at age 14, serving in an anti-aircraft battery.

He considered joining the Waffen SSbut his father opposed it. On 14 Octoberhe was present at his parents' house when his father was led off and forced to commit suicide for his alleged complicity in the 20 July plot to assassinate Adolf Hitlerwhich was publicly portrayed by the Nazi leadership as a death resulting from a war injury.

Stationed in Riedlingen at the end of April, he deserted just before the French First Army entered the town. He was taken prisoner of war, was interrogated by among others General Jean de Lattre de Tassignyand disclosed the truth about his father's death. He married Liselotte in and had a daughter named Catherine. He was re-elected after the first round of elections in with As the mayor of Stuttgart, he was also known for his effort to give the Red Army Faction terrorists who had committed suicide at the Stuttgart- Stammheim prison a proper burial, despite the concern that the graves would become a pilgrimage point for radical leftists.

Pattonwho was assigned to the VII Corps headquarters near the city. A few days after this distinction was given to Rommel, the city of Stuttgart offered him the Honorary Citizen Award.

Rommel's political position is described as tolerant and liberal. Having retired from politics inRommel was still in demand as an author and stirring speaker, despite suffering from Parkinson's disease.

He wrote various political and humorous books. He was known for his down-to-earth and often funny sayings and quotations. Occasionally, he wrote articles for the Stuttgarter Zeitung.

Rommel collaborated with Basil Liddell-Hart in the publication of The Rommel Papersa collection of diaries, letters and notes that his father wrote during and after his military campaigns.

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