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divi icons

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No hidden charges. One-click instant downloads. Multiple international and local payment methods. All the plugins, themes and digital products copyrights trademark rights are reserved to their respected owners. Sales Page.Posted on December 20, by Randy A. Brown in Resources Read Comments. Divi includes icons that are available to any module that uses icons, and 3 social icons for the footer.

Fortunately, there are a lot of icons, such as those from FontAwesome and Material Iconsthat are free to use. This includes an RSS icon, the standard social sharing icon, and a socializing people icon, so the number of actual networks is closer to There are even fewer social media icons in the theme options.

These icons are used in the header and footer. It also includes an RSS icon. This is a good start, but almost anyone would need more than this, or at the very least, a few different networks such as Pinterest, YouTube, or LinkedIn.

It makes sense to have more icons to choose from. Design was limited. I think of icons in the same way. Imagine if that were tripled or quadrupled. Having more icons opens up design possibilities in those small details that make our sites stand out from the rest.

divi icons

Fortunately, there are a lot more icons that we can add to Divi. Here are a few of my favorites. Note: We find and review products to help you make better decisions when buying the things you need. Our opinions are our own, and in no way are influenced by an affiliate commission. If you use one of our affilite links below, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Thank you for your support. Let us know if you have any questions. It adds search and filter features to any module that uses icons to help you easily find the perfect icon for your needs.

Divi Icons adds over icons to the Divi Builder.If you have never done this you may want to read our guide on creating a child theme. All tweaks are written with the assumption that you have a default installation of your theme.

Divi Icons List – Preview

Any tweaks or changes you may have previously made to your theme could affect the outcome of the tweaks on this site. All tweaks should be tested before applying to a live site. Divi comes with a free set of very useful icons installed as a font set. The icons are built into the Page Builder Blurb module, where you can add a circle border and background color.

But these icons can be placed anywhere on your website. This is what it looks like:. So instead of editing the widget plugin to include icons, we can add them easily using CSS. Even if the content is empty, you still have to include the double quotations. We need to remove some characters for it to work and there is an easy formula you can use to do just that. Anything before and including the x gets removed. Now all you need to do is preceed it with a backslash, wrap it in double quotes, and add the closing CSS semicolon.

So what else can we do with these guys? Lots of things! Change the color by adding a color style:. You may have to play around with the padding and border-radius depending on the size of your icon. If you want to add hover effects, just add the :hover directly after the element and then tack on the :before pseudo class:. You now have the ability to place over icons anywhere on your website.

You could even create your own classes like. Now all links with class chain-link will have a link icon in front of them.

If you find you need to adjust the position of the icon, just use something similar to this:. With that said, use them sparingly!!! A very good use for these fonts are for displaying menu links in mobile view.

Hi Susila. Can you help? Hi AJ. Trying to use this with a Portfolio displaying a list of projects on a site listing availabe properties for a home builder. Anything else I can try?All of your other style settings are still the same. It provides for a smooth experience.

Form Examples Warning, the below form does not actually send email anywhere. Email Address. Blurb Examples. Works with Font Awesome 4. Style like Normal Literally the only difference from your normal Divi building experience is the presence of a metric ton of more icons.

Divi Icon King

Works with All Modules Any module in Divi that uses icons can now use Font Awesome icons, including blurbs, buttons, contact forms, email opt-ins, etc. Forward Thinking This plugin was built with the future in mind and written to integrate into Divi, rather than run alongside it with a bunch of custom code. Easy for Clients to Use Since Font Awesome is pulled directly into the Divi Builder natively, your clients can easily swap icons any time they want.

Button Examples. Pay with Stripe. Pay with Visa. Pay with PayPal. Buy Ticket. Show History. Cut It Out. Find a Location. View Wishlist. Available on Android. Available on iTunes. Watch on YouTube.

Gallery Examples. Pictures curtesy of unsplash. Form Examples. Warning, the below form does not actually send email anywhere. Contact Form. One penguin, on it's way to you. Unlimited sites. Lifetime updates. I think you get the picture. If Divi is willing to throw an icon on it, you can make it a Font Awesome icon.

The only question now is which icon to choose? Yes, I need this plugin in my life. It will change the way you build websites forever. The above link is my affiliate link — if you purchase Divi through that link I may be compensated at no cost to you.It is now super easy to use additional icons on your websites. Access icons in total, in just a few clicks. The icons are free and open source and can be used on any website.

Quick reminder: Check the bottom of the page for new layouts and modules added with this update. Material Design icons are delightful, beautifully crafted symbols for common actions and items. Use them in your digital products for Android, iOS, and web. With Font Awesome you get vector icons and social logos on your website. These are the free icons we have added. Especially if you have a small little window and a scroll bar. Thankfully we were able to code in a search function and a search box.

Icons are named and annotated by the icon provider and the search function will try to match the keyword to the icon if it exists. View the full knowledgebase tutorial here.

Or watch the video tutorial below for more details. A confirmation email was sent with more information about your order. See below for next steps. First payment for Free Trial Subscriptions will be processed in 7 days from the subscription start date. Should you wish to cancel, you can do so from the My Subscriptions page. If you cancel before 7 days is over, you will not be billed.

You can reactivate or change your subscription plan at any time from the My Subscriptions page. Add more icon sets to Divi It is now super easy to use additional icons on your websites. Which icons sets are available? Update to the latest version of Divi Den Pro and give it a try today.

What is your question? Please try again later. Thank You.Divi Font Awesome pulls the power of the iconic Font Awesome library directly into the Divi Builder where you can work with the icons natively, just like the icons that come shipped with Divi. Most other plugins are great about helping you to load Font Awesome on your website, but actually using the icons involved writing custom CSS for each icon you wanted to use.

And if a client wanted to change an icon? That was a whole ordeal. The End. I want my products to be the best that they can be. Run into any trouble using my products or find a bug? Let me know about it on my support page!

How to add icons to elements outside of the Divi Builder, such as the nav menu using Divi Font Awesome:. You must log in and be a buyer of this download to submit a review. Username or Email Address.

Remember Me. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I was really hoping for this to work with FontAwesome 5. Would it be possible to disable all ET icons and use all of FontAwesome 5 icons instead? Hey Shane, thanks for the comment! Unfortunately at this time, no. Finally, will this work with Font Awesome Pro accounts?

Hi Ciro, sorry for the delay in my response. No, this plugin has no plans to support Font Awesome 5 pro due to the way in which Font Awesome 5 reuses duplicate unicodes for icons and the way which Divi handles icons.

Hi David, once you purchase the plugin it will be available to you in your customer account. Hi Alex — So any idea whether the Elegant Themes might one day get around to fixing the way they store icon selections? A solution that would allow updates to the icon list without impacting previously selected icons would make keeping up with updates to 3rd party icon sets so much easier. Thanks in advance for any insights. Thanks for your comment! Thanks Alex for your excellent and quick support!

I recently bought some ridiculously expensive plugins from another company and they ended up being useless, as well as their support.Click the image to enlarge. The end. Or all of your e-commerce icons. Filter by icon name Looking for something even more specific?

The icon name is determined by the. Works in both the standard Divi Builder and Visual Builder Whether you prefer to build in the original Divi Builder or you like to build in real time with the Visual Builder, we have you covered. All features of the plugin including the search bar and the icon set filtering work in both so you build where you feel most comfortable.

We are too. Buy Now The icon on the button has nothing to do with anything. I just like it. Make sure your. Note : most of the time when you download an icon set web font, the css file will be called style. This is not uncommon. Be sure to rename this to match the other font files in the icon set. Since the icon fonts are being uploaded to your server there are no external calls to remote servers being made to retrieve them.

How many icons can I have? I originally built the plugin so I could have only the icons I want for each project. Out of the box, no, because of the way Font Awesome 5 relies on varying font weights to display different icons using the same unicode.

Divi gives all icons the same font weight by default. In the mean time, drop us your email address so we can let you know when it's ready! First Name. Email Address. Upload almost any icon set to Divi.

We have a built in icon search bar so you can find a specific icon. Works in both the standard Divi Builder and Visual Builder. Whether you prefer to build in the original Divi Builder or you like to build in real time with the Visual Builder, we have you covered.

You need the right icons. Ready to take your Divi sites to the next level and make them truly custom? Buy Now.

divi icons

The icon on the button has nothing to do with anything. How it works. Each file in an icon set must have the same name. All files need to share the same name.

divi icons

Upload all of the icon set files, including the. Your newly added icon sets are ready to be used in Divi! Frequently Asked Questions. Is this plugin GDPR compliant?

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