By FkimbleJune 27, in General Reloading. Currently loading 9mm with those hard Tula sp primers. Am getting low and am on the hunt for more of any type.

Also am wanting to swap out the hammer spring again in my old CZB for a lighter one to help with the double action and hopefully a little on the single action. Replaced it a couple years ago with a 15lb due to my current Tula primers.

OK we all know Federal are the lightest. At least thats what i've always heard. But alas there are none to be found in my neck of the woods S of Atlanta. So whats the current consensus on ranking of SP primers? Saw some MagTech a few years ago, any others? In my glocks with factory springs they both ignite with no issues. Remington I refuse to use unless its all I can get, then I load it in practice ammo. I was getting several light primer stikes out of each session with my glock.

I will still get a light strike every now and again.


Youngeyes, I hope you had that filed away and didn't have to type it all in! Some very good info, gonna bookmark it for future ref. Many tks. They were there for the space gun and the varmint guns. I'M a HiPower shooter. But sounds like they are not the best suited for those guns. But sounds like they would make good mid soft SP primers in a pinch. I just checked, my Tula are KVB-9, standard pistol load.

Not sure how that compares to the sporting pistol primers, I suspect the sporting may be the softer cups. Also found another 5K of the Tula in the wrong stack! Was gonna drop down to a 13 spring, may do it and see if it will ignite the Tulas. I have only used 4 small pistol primer manufactures and this is my cents worth.

Listed softest to hardest. I use a CGW extended firing pin though. Get that FP and never look back! I use them in my tuned revo, which will not fire the standard CCI They used to be thinner than you list. With the cost cutting things CCI has done in recent years, they may well have made such a change.Forums New posts Trending Search forums.

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Aug 13, 4, South West, MI. While searching around for some info I stumbled on to this thread and its too good not to share. Additional Information from James Calhoon - "Primers and Pressure" Varmint Hunter Magazine, October, Hopefully this explains a bit more about, not only primers in general, but specific characteristics that can aid a reloader in choosing the optimum sparkplug.

Pertinent information will be added to this section when more information becomes available. This flame can also be manipulated to last a little longer, by adding tiny particles of other flammable material to the priming compound.

Tul Small Rifle Primers for 9MM? W/ Range Test

These differences really can effect not just accuracy but pressure. For instance, in a very small rifle cartridge such as the. Instead of a relatively gentle, slowly accelerating push, the bullet gets cruelly hit hard. This is why some Hornet fans use small pistol primers, with much milder brisance than small rifle primers. Really huge rifle cases such as the biggest Weatherbys, Remington Ultra Mags, and older British African cartridges require a lot of very slow-burning powder to operate at all.

Slower-burning powders are normally more difficult to ignite, and a bigger flame of longer duration helps, especially in cooler weather. Many handloaders think the is still the hottest commercial rifle primer, but the CCI and Winchester magnum rifle primers are just as hot, if not a little hotter. Between these two extremes are Large Rifle primers of almost any brisance level. Deciding which to use depends not only on the size of the case but the powder.

How fast a powder burns depends not only on granule size bigger granules have more relative surface area but on exterior coatings. Extruded powders, such as relatively small-grained or large-grained H depend mostly on granule size to control burning rate. By definition, these coatings make ball powders harder to ignite. To make the zip however, we might try Ramshot Big Game. The Ramshot ball powders burn cleaner than most ball powders, but they also require more flame. This can often result in smaller groups.

Something else to remember is that competition rifle shooters often favor mild primers i.Eligible for.

Powders & Primers

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Federal Small Pistol Primers #100

Made in USA. Primer Size: Small Pistol. Notify Me. Add to Wish List. Each order is limited to no more than 25 pounds of Black Powder, and no more than 66 pounds each of Smokeless Powder, Primers, or Fuse. The same primers that Federal uses in their high-quality ammunition.

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federal small pistol primers review

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Remington Magnum Large Rifle Primer 9.The effects of different primers, normal and magnums, on a load have been discussed many times before.

federal small pistol primers review

We thought we would run our own test, using all the different primers that we have here. We have found the following primers in our possession. I would like to state here that there is nothing scientific about this experiment.

We just wanted to see how these components would perform under the conditions stated here. We thought of doing the test on 4 different case sizes.

These include theRemington, Weatherby magnum, and finally the Lapua size. This would give us some sort of idea of how they perform in different case sizes.

We thought of trying 3 different powders in each case size, one of which would be a ball powder. We also wanted to check if cold temperatures have any effects on this. For this we would leave some loaded rounds in the freezer, and shoot them as a group, noting both the velocity and the accuracy, and compare this with the others.

All the following groups were 3 shots at yards, I wrote the results of each group so you can compare that with others, as well as the group in red which was frozen over night and then shot. The line that shows only the velocity is the average of the three groups above it.

I thought this might make it easier to compare the velocity at normal temperature and cold temperatures. The last row in each table shows the average of all the 4 groups above it. The following are the results of a Winchester, shot in a custom Remington we have built ourselves.

It has a Hart barrel 5 and a McMillan synthetic stock. It was topped with a Leupold 6. We used RWS match brass, We picked this load because it shot reasonably well in this rifle before, and we did the same with VVNas it is supposed to be similar in burning rate. Three shot groups. The following loads are with The following are the results of the Remington, shot in a Ruger Target model rifle.Besides the price. I can't find any of the standard Federal small pistol primers around here so I'm just gonna spend a few extra bucks to get the match grade, but I want to make sure there's no real big difference.

They are more consistent for one.

federal small pistol primers review

They seem to be a bit hotter, but not much. You should have good luck with them. The only difference with the match grade primers is they had 3 of their most experienced workers doing those primers, same priming compound they just know how to make them better, more consistent when they apply mixture. I use match for precision rifle shooting, but whatever I can get for pistol. I found a couple thousand at Sinclairs I sent them an email and they got the right ones out today.

They may still have some more if you want to pay the HAZ shipping. He told me the same thing "HoMiE" reported in his post. I compared them over a chrono with the same load 9mm minor using VV and there was no significant difference, in SD, ES or actual velocity. A bit off topic, but I have read the same is true for match grade 22 ammo - same loading machines, same components, same priming compound. Just more experienced operators and tighter QC parameters.

They do matter, at 50 yards anyway I was getting just over 1" groups at 55y from a ransom rest with the regular s in both. I see tons more consistency at the chrono with match over the blue box. I can bring my PF much lower with match small pistol. VVn Rainier and Montana gold loaded at 1. Shooting a Cameron's 6" and 5". Hope this helps. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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